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Citi Double Cash Review

Since graduating from Florida Atlantic University in 2015, Anthony has observed the travel, credit card, and banking industries, teaching himself about credit cards in the process. His goals are to travel for as little as possible using Search Results For china Bitcoin Mining Warehouse credit card rewards, airline and hotel status, and loyalty programs. The purpose of Play Your Cards Right is to help people travel further and more often for less money. I’ve never had a card with an annual fee and I don’t ever plan to.

With Citi, the main restriction to be aware of is that you’ll be approved for at most one card every eight days, and at most two cards every 65 days. In this post I wanted to take a look at theCiti® Double Cash Card, which I consider to be the single most valuable credit card out there for everyday spending. It’s a card that I have, and it’s the card that I also spend the most money on. One thing to keep in mind about this awesome card is that it charges foreign transaction fee, but most of us aren’t doing international travel now anyway.

Card Overview: Fidelity Rewards Visa

Love this card, which has earned me rebates of over $1000 a year for a long time. When I moved from Chicago to Seattle, I charged all my moving expenses (movers alone where over $8K) and new furniture purchases. The card has no protections, not even extended warranty – which makes it risky to use for online shopping. There’s not a single card I can think of that offers a return of better than 2% cash back without any major strings attached. This breaks down to earning 1% when you buy and another 1% as you make payments for your purchases.

Never knew it and have probably lost 5 years of 1% cash back every month! There is one 2% cash back that has no foreign transaction fee. There is a balance transfer fee of either $5 or 3% of Citi Double Cash Credit Card Review the amount of each transfer, whichever is greater. I have Reasons why I can’t be in the Citi ecosystem but a 2% cash back card like this should be your baseline credit card you fall back to.

Ink Business Unlimited® Credit Card

Fortunately, there are lots of other great cards with no foreign transaction fees. Understandably a lot of people are at least temporarily reassessing their approach to using credit cards. Some people are looking for ways to be more efficient with their strategy and spending, while others are looking to earn cash back rather than travel rewards.

It is a card with 2% cash back, it just has a gimmick of giving you half of it when you spend and half when you pay. There aren’t that many flat 2% on everything cards, so it’s one of the best general purpose cash back cards for that reason. This is my first credit card so i want to make sure i make a good choice.

This Particular Offer Is Not Matched For You

We look at cards related to good or excellent credit ratings that will then provide a range of different benefits and improvements for someone who has these scores. We also look at low fees when it comes to those who have lower credit scores. Laura is the owner and main writer for Smart Savvy Life. Her goal is to help educate people on various topics including finances, travel, health/fitness, and career. In her spare time, Laura enjoys spending time with her family and pets, true crime documentaries, and travel. In most cases, the minimum to redeem is $25 but may vary based on the redemption option.

How much is the credit limit of Citi Simplicity card?

The credit limit for Citi Simplicity usually starts at P20,000. But if you have a good credit standing, you can request for a higher credit limit.

Citi doesn’t publish a minimum credit score requirement, though you usually have the best shot at qualifying for a rewards card when your credit score is in the good to excellent range . Citi will set your credit limit after a review of your debt and salary. The drawbacks are the Best Penny Stocks Under $1 For 2021 3% foreign transaction fee and the lack of a sign-up bonus. But for anyone looking to get cash back or extra Thank You points on regular spending, this is a great card to consider. Furthermore, the BOFA Cash Rewards Card has a tiered earning structure with bonus categories.

Apr 5 Card Review: Citi Double Cash Card

These types of transactions include balance transfers, cash advances, fees on your account, interest, or items that have been returned for credit. Where this gets really valuable is if you have the Citi Double Cash in conjunction with a card earning ThankYou points like, the incredible Citi Premier® Card. The card has a great sign-up bonus, reasonable annual fee, and offers 3x points in five different categories.

Is Capital One owned by Citibank?

Citi Retail Services products now available in all U.S. Best Buy stores and online. – Citi announced that it successfully completed on September 6 the acquisition from Capital One Financial Corp. of Best Buy’s U.S. credit card portfolio and the conversion today of the portfolio to Citi’s systems.

Credit Cards Explained may earn affiliate commissions from our partners on this page. These commissions do not affect how we select, rate, or review products. The 2% on Citi’s card is nice, but customer service is pretty weak. When you have a question that the automaton can’t find an answer to in the script binder, they suggest a manager call you back within 48 hours.

Apr 19

The right number of credit cards for you depends on what you can responsibly manage. So if you spend $7,500 on the Citi Double Cash and have a card that earns ThankYou points, you’d have enough to book one of these round-trip award flights to Hawaii through Turkish. Citi ThankYou points can be especially valuable when transferred to partners like Virgin Atlantic, Turkish Airlines orAvianca.

You can just swipe, sit back, and watch as the cash back comes rolling in. This card can tag-team nicely with a category-specific cash-back card in your wallet. To help maximize earnings, reach for the Citi Double Cash when you shop outside of your other rewards card’s top bonus category. In order to earn the 1% cash Citi Double Cash Credit Card Review back on payments, you must meet the minimum payment each month. So, for example, if you have $1,000 worth of charges for the month and the minimum payment is $20 but you only pay $15, you won’t earn the 1% cash back on your $15 payment. Signing up for credit cards through partner links earns us a commission.

How To Apply For The Citi® Double Cash Card

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