An Attainable, Yet Highly Functional WordPress WordPress plugin

Smart Blog page is a weblog platform designed specifically for Umbraco and was performed with MVC in mind. The goal of the product should be to act as an easy blog starter have and to instruct those who are struggling with MVC/model-view-controller (MVC) how to quickly and easily create, deal with and update a blog. Smart Blog was made by a excited group of coders who have a lot of experience with ASP and blogging in PHP. The merchandise has been unveiled under the GNU Affero Average person License (AGPL) and is on the market to everyone with an account upon Umbraco. Good Blog runs on the user-friendly visual editor called Webiere and is organized to be a stand-alone website application.

The product comprises of the popular weblog theme called Webiere and the functionality is similar to regarding WordPress. Webiere includes some additional features like the ability to show/hide posts, support for RTML (Content Control Language) coding and XML formatting and the ability to edit the footer, sidebars and menu. Additionally, it uses a convenient toolbar that offers cutting corners to prevalent functions and is also highly personalized. Most of the efficiency of the product is contained in the Webiere control panel and all different functionalities are provided through the Webiere themes -panel.

While the product does consist of some of the most common blogging features that are available for the public including: being able to take care of multiple weblogs, scheduling posting dates, creating categories, connecting to article content and employing Facebook, and also have some specific characteristics making it stand out from the crowd. For instance , unlike WordPress, with Smart Blog page you can have an unlimited number of reveal or delete posts, trail keywords and search engine optimization and manage your level of privacy settings. Some other distinct feature that makes this kind of different from other blog applications is that Intelligent Blog posts are automatically modified whenever a new blog post can be published or linked to by using direct website link. The blog themes provided with the technology also allow users to easily create a tailor made landing page that includes their backlinks, which allows them to gain advertising mileage in a very short time of time. You can find even the accessibility to displaying ads on your blog page page.

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